Wednesday, August 6, 2014

WYSIWYG editor in Drupal 7.30

In the previous Drupal version (before 7.30), the installation of CKEditor in Drupal was not straight forward. I had to download CKEditor, saved it to the web server then modified a bit the code in CKEditor to get it worked.

Now to get WYSIWYG CKEditor editor working in Drupal 7.30 is simple. Only one module is required, and it works. The installation must be done by the administrator of the website.

This is tested in Drupal 7.30, PhP 5.3.28. The CKEditor installation result is version 4.4.3.

Step 1: Go to Module menu
Step 2:  Then select Install new module

Step 3: Get the CKEditor module
Go to the project website , then copy the module link location
Step 4: Paste the link to the installation
Step 5: Enable CKEditor module
 Once the installation completed, select Enable newly added modules

 Make sure you enable it, by clicking the selection box

then don't forget to save the configuration (at the bottom of the page)
Step 6: If you create a node, the editor is now equipped with the WYSIWYG tools.

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  1. In my case I can install CKEditor without tweaking the code since drupal version 7.28 or 7.29, not remember exactly which one.